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Nautical services & Skippers

Nautical services & Skippers

To allow you to take greater advantage of your boat, Kerboat Services proposes its “Nautical Services”:

Whether you have a motor vessel or a sailing boat, starting from or arriving at South Brittany or the Var area, conveying allows you to take your boat to other navigation areas. This allows you to open up new horizons. Also we can provide a vehicle conveying service so that you vehicle is available at every stopover.

On owner boats or hired boats, to fulfil the role of Skipper, or simply as an accompanying member of the crew « when backup is required ». You can therefore enjoy the sea trip without worrying about navigating. As backup for the crew, you sail in a more relaxed manner with an experienced crew member.

We can organise your sea trip “from start to finish” according to your instructions: navigation programme, ambience, specific requirements, management of provision supplies, boat hire (motor boat, catamaran, monohull)… We will set up a personalised programme for a day, a weekend or a week.

To ensure you can handle your boat better at sea or in the marinas. You improve your navigation skills with your own boat (Improve your port manoeuvring skills, learn how to navigate at night, etc.). This training service cannot be longer than two days. If you need further coaching/training, we recommend the services of a partner sailing school:

Presentation of Jimmy, Skipper for the Aquitaine

‘‘The sea is a demanding place but also one that offers freedom” as Victor Hugo so rightly wrote.

A keen seafarer all his life and at the helm of ships, small and large, for 20 years, I now put my expertise at your disposal… in the Aquitaine region. Nautical coaching focusing on the pleasure of sailing and on safety, skippering services by the day and also coastal conveying departing from or bound for one of the ports in the region, I adapt my services to satisfy your wishes.’’


Presentation of Stéphane, Skipper in the Mediterranean

‘‘A sailing fanatic, I have been offering professional nautical services for sailing or motor vessels since 2010. I give training in sea navigation, provide assistance in the development of maritime projects, and accompany anybody who wishes to navigate on their sea trips. I have a calm and discreet nature and am a very good listener and an experienced teacher. I accompany many families on their pleasure, discovery or sporting trips between Corsica, Sardinia and Tunisia and even further afield.’’