Kerboat Services

Pleasure boat owners' services

How about liberating yourself from the logistic tasks involved in sailing?
  • Picking up your provisions from the nearest drive-through supermarket or delivery to your boat
  • Storage of the provisions on board the boat
  • We also propose a selection of other products that you may need.
  • Kerboat Services can intervene at your request after the winter training sessions to dry the boat and clean the interior. 
  • Servicing of the boat’s safety equipment (self-inflating life jackets, life rafts)
  • Return conveying of your boat in the event of one-way navigation (by obligation or if you choose to stay on)
  • Conveying of vehicles from port A to port B (optional cleaning of the vehicle, filling with fuel, etc.)
  • Transfer of crew from the train station or airport <–> marina
  • Booking of a restaurant of you are “tired and don’t want to cook” when you arrive
  • Boat preparation: themed decoration of boat (romantic outing, weekend with friends, etc.), filling up with water, etc.

Management of on-board linen

Winter monitoring in your absence